Portuguese expat sets third Guinness World Record

Portuguese expat sets third Guinness World Record

Challenge || Portuguese expat Maria da Conceição has just set her third Guinness World Record for her outstanding performance in the ‘777’ ultra marathon challenge, held in seven different continents between January 26 and March 8, 2014.

Not only has she just been considered the woman who has spent the “most consecutive days running an ultra marathon” (41 days) , in June 2014 she had already set the Guinness World Records for the “fastest time to run an ultra marathon on each continent (female)” and the “fastest aggregate time to run an ultra marathon on each continent (female)”.

All of her three records were set during the same ‘777’ challenge, which saw the woman completing an astonishing seven 50km marathons in seven different continents throughout seven weeks.

The list of areas and countries she ran includes King George Island (Antarctica), Chile (South America), Oman (Asia), the UK (Europe), Australia (Oceania), USA (North America) and South Africa (Africa).

Maria da Conceição has been living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for over 10 years, after first having visited the city as a flight attendant. In 2015, she founded the non-profit organisation Maria Cristina Foundation, which helps educate the underprivileged children and adults of Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Speaking to online news portal Áudio Press Portugal, Conceição said that she hopes her record-setting performance will put Bangladesh’s underprivileged children on the world’s ‘radar’.

The Portuguese expat has already made the news for being the first Portuguese woman to climb Mount Everest and being considered ‘Woman of the Year’ in Dubai in 2009.
But this won’t be the last we hear of her, she says. Conceição is planning to repeat the ‘777’ challenge again in February and attempt to beat her own records.