Portuguese eco-crib premieres in Milan

It has been designed by two Portuguese architects and fashioned by a cabinetmaker-turned-cork-artisan from the Algarve. The super-comfortable “Sleep Tight” eco-crib is making its début at the Milan Design Week and is one of the five finalists for the Green Furniture Award to be decided on Friday, April 11.
Completely made of cork, its designers affirm the cradle is 100% waterproof, naturally insulated, non-flammable, and very comfortable. Even better, it has been made to last. Once ‘baby’ has outgrown it for sleeping, there is a mast that can be attached to transform the little crib into a child’s toy ship, which rolls naturally back and forth on the floor.
Oeiras architect Karin Pereira, who co-designed the piece with Sofia Chinita, explained: “We wanted to make a versatile piece that could be used for as long as possible. It is not just a cradle.”
The beautiful piece was made by professional cabinetmaker António Luz of São Brás de Alportel, as part of the Algarve-based TASA project – an initiative designed to promote creative ideas using traditional methods and materials.
The prototype involved 300 kilos of granulated cork and weighs 40 kilos. It also comes with a hefty price tag.
Talking to Lusa news agency, João Ministro of ProActive Tour, the company that runs TASA, said the final product will cost anything up to €2,000.
“It is obviously a piece for a luxury niche market,” he said, stressing the future lies in exports.
While its makers await the results of the Green Furniture Award, anyone keen to find out more can contact António Luz through Novacortiça: www.novacortica.pt/