Portuguese drug company BIAL drops controversial molecule involved in fatal test

Portuguese drugs company BIAL has announced it is “definitively abandoning” molecule BIA 10-2474, following the disastrous human trial in France that saw one volunteer die and a number of others injured earlier this year (click here). Still very much in the dark on the developing investigation designed to pinpoint what went wrong, BIAL does have some good news however. It is launching a new “made-in-Portugal” drug to fight Parkinson’s disease.

The medication has taken 11 years to develop at a cost of around €300 million, explains Público. It will start being commercialised in the UK and Germany at the end of this summer, but will not be available in Portugal or other countries before 2017.

This will be BIAL’s second ‘made-in-Portugal’ drug. The first, Zebinix – for the treatment of epilepsy – went on sale in 2009.