Portuguese diplomat pays for accident – three years after leaving victim “incapacitated”

In another example of the sloth of getting justice in Portugal, a former Portuguese consul has only now paid out compensation to the nurse he left unable to work over two-and-a-half years ago.

The trial of Alberto Pires da Silva, one-time consul in Ourense, Spain, should have started in Esposende yesterday, writes Correio da Manhã.

He faced charges relating to a car accident in November 2013 when he ran into a 61-year-old nurse on a zebra crossing.

The woman was forced to retire, and embark on costly medical treatment.

But before the trial got started, Pires da Silva came to a deal.

He agreed to pay “almost €200,000 to his victim, to avoid judgement”.

The woman will end up with less than half this amount, adds the paper, as the rest will go towards paying the medical bills she has been faced with since the accident.

As well as this compensation, the agreement struck before the court case opened was that Pires de Silva would apologise to his victim, CM adds.

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