Portuguese cuisine full of eastern promise

The restaurant is called Tavira and it lives up to its name by serving cataplanas and other typical Portuguese dishes.

But it’s a long way to go if you want to book a table because this eating house is located in the town of Hangzhou on the east coast of China.

The part-owner, Li Min, got hooked on Portuguese cuisine after being based in Portugal for 20 years.

Favourite dishes among customers at her restaurant are bife à portuguesa, frango grelhado, arroz de marisco and cataplanas – all cooked by her Algarvian chef Bruno Ferro.

He said: “All dishes are seasoned as they are in Portugal. Our food is different and we should retain its uniqueness.”

Li Min, who still runs two restaurants in Tavira, said: “Portuguese food is very good, especially arroz de marisco (pictured).”