Portuguese couple allowed designer baby to save sister

For the first time, Portugal’s council for medically assisted procreation has authorised a couple to try for a ‘designer baby’ that could cure their five-year-old daughter of leukaemia. The groundbreaking decision was announced last week and if the mother involved can manage to get pregnant from the embryo selection procedure, it will be Portugal’s first case of a “designer baby” reports Público. “Embryo selection” is not without risks, the paper adds and it is only allowed for medical reasons – just like this one, where the birth of a new child could cure an existing one from a genetic disease or form of cancer.

Publishing the news, Sol website saw readers only giving positive reactions.

Lusitan wrote: “I cannot see that this is ethically or morally wrong. It is a good example of science serving Man with the sole objective of saving a life without causing anyone any harm.”

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