Portuguese company markets ancient Valentine’s honey

Launched onto the national market with perfect timing comes “Mel do Amor”, a honey flavoured by rose petals with nutritional and therapeutic benefits.

The brainchild of brother and sister team Ricardo Correia and Fátima Pinto, the recipe harks back to the days of ancient Rome.

Their company Sapientia Romana (Roman Wisdom) already markets “Mel de Ouro” and promises another new treat this summer. “Mel do Amor” meantime is “dedicated to the feminine universe”.

Explained Ricardo, the biological rose petals used in its manufacture are not sadly from Portugal. “We cannot find a supplier here for this kind of roses,” he told Público. Thus they have to be imported from Germany.

The edible flowers are very small, dried and without any kind of chemical additives.

They are combined with honey from the Chaves region of Portugal (known as Aquae Flaviae, in Roman times) made from the flowers of wild rosemary and heather – and when combined together, the honey “absorbs the aroma and zest of the roses, which makes it a really different, tasty product”.

Sapientia Romana’s first designer honey has already scored a huge hit with gourmet shops in Spain and beyond, and the firm is now busily working on the third new honey, which it promises will be “like no other anywhere else in the world”.