Portuguese chef behind ‘worst food on earth’ review gets own column in Guardian newspaper

After seeing his London restaurant Taberna do Mercado lambasted and cited as an example of why Portuguese food is the “worst on earth”, Portuguese Chef Nuno Mendes has been chosen by UK newspaper The Guardian to write a series of monthly food columns entitled ‘Small Plate’.

The announcement came in a lengthy article yesterday (Wednesday) entitled ‘Why the world’s top chefs love Nuno Mendes’.

At no time, however, was there any mention of the scurrilous review (click here Controversial British critic says Portuguese cuisine is “the worst on earth”) of Taberna do Mercado, written by British food critic Giles Coren for The Times in July.

“Portuguese cooking is the worst on earth. Or, at least, the worst of any warm nation on earth,” Coren wrote after eating at Mendes’ restaurant.

The review prompted uproar, with two Portuguese Chefs criticising Coren and thousands taking potshots at him on Twitter.

But, the Guardian’s experience at Taberna do Mercado was totally different, with the food described as “poetic and nostalgic.

Along with the extensive article, the newspaper has published three of Mendes’ recipes online before his first column is released in September.

Besides Taberna do Mercado, Mendes is also head chef at the hugely popular Chiltern Firehouse restaurant in London, said to be popular with stars, footballers and even superstar Chef Gordon Ramsay.

“He (Nuno Mendes) is a chef’s chef. Fingertip control,” Ramsay has told the Guardian.

For the full article (click here Why the world’s top chefs love Nuno Mendes).