Large animal slaughters 17 goats in Viana do Castelo

Portuguese caught ‘in flagrante’ having sex with goat

With so much news being ‘beyond belief’ these days, Jornal de Notícias has come up with a story of a Portuguese citizen caught having sex with a goat in Switzerland. It appears the abuse may have been going on for some time, although the goat and other goats in question have not suffered serious injuries, says the paper. The animals are the property of a farmer in Schattdorf, in the canton of Uri. They have apparently been showing signs of this kind of abuse since April, but it was only recently that the farmer “surprised” the 39-year-old Portuguese (and possibly himself), catching the man in the act. A fight ensued; the Portuguese ‘ran away’, but he has since been identified. It is unclear what will happen next.