Portuguese businesswoman killed in violent carjacking in South Africa

A 49-year-old Portuguese restaurateur resident in Johannesburg, South Africa, was killed over the weekend in a violent motorway carjacking. Célia Costa is understood to have been ambushed as she drove through the suburbs of the capital with an employee. Two vehicles are believed to have forced her car to stop in full view of other drivers. She died in a hail of bullets and South African police have now launched a manhunt.

Reporting on the story as it develops, national tabloid Correio da Manhã has said the case has “shocked the Portuguese community” in the capital city, which is currently hosting a well-known festival with Portuguese roots.

Costa was left for dead by her killers, who not only robbed her but also stole her car.

No mention, for now, has been made of the fate of the unnamed employee understood to have been travelling with her at the time.