Armindo Monteiro
Armindo Monteiro

Portuguese Business Confederation has new president

Armindo Monteiro promises to be the voice to defend Portuguese businessowners

The Confederation of Portuguese Business (CIP) has elected a new president. Armindo Monteiro will replace António Saraiva who steps down after 13 years.

Armindo Monteiro has had a long career as a businessman in the technology and civil construction sectors, as well as being actively involved in many associations.

He has occupied one of six vice-presidencies in the most representative business and entrepreneurial associations in the country (CIP with over 150,000 companies), representing ANETIE – National Association of Information and Electronic Technologies Companies.

Armindo Monteiro competed for the leadership of CIP with an electoral programme under the slogan ‘The strength of the economy is the strength of Portugal’ and promises to be the voice to defend Portuguese businessowners over the next few years”.

In terms of Armindo Monteiro’s expected leadership style, he is likely to introduce a hallmark of a greater rupture and more assertive style with the government while prepared to reach a consensus.

The new president of CIP founded Compta in 1972, which was considered the first Portuguese technology company which he sold to the Future Group in 2020 after a decade as its chairman and main shareholder.

Armindo Monteiro was also a shareholder and president of Softline between 1994 and 2010. That same year he became the owner of and CEO of Grupo Levon, which conducts activities in civil construction, public works, infrastructure, environment, logistics, IT technologies and real estate management. The company is based in Lisbon and holds companies in Angola, Namibia, Bolivia and Colombia.

Source: Essential Business