Portuguese “aristocrat” wrecks wedding reception in boutique hotel in Cascais

A descendant of the powerful Champalimaud family has been charged with “crimes of injury and aggression” after storming a wedding reception in the boutique hotel of Senhora da Guia, in Cascais, over the weekend and punching both the DJ and groom.

According to reports, what should have been “a night of happiness and fun” for a gathering of around 80 people – “the majority of them English” – descended into chaos after Duarte Champalimaud Jardim burst in on the revelry, shouting abuse and making straight for the DJ equipment.

The grandson of the magnate who took the family name to the top apparently set about pulling out cables and “in the middle of the confusion, while hurling insults, he punched the groom”.

In the kind of story in which national tabloid Correio da Manhã delights, the paper described Champalimaud – who “lives in a luxury villa close by the hotel” – as “displeased” by noise levels.

It was 3.30am and the party was in full swing. CM explained, adding that on his way into the reception, Champalimaud let down the tires of at least two cars in the carpark and even managed to hurl a hotel guest (unassociated with the festivities) into a bush.

When police were called, the 59-year-old is understood to have continued his aggressions, which led to him being taken into custody.

CM writes that Champalimaud’s hearing at Cascais court has been set for Tuesday June 30.