Portuguese are world’s No. 1 wine drinkers

New data shows that Portuguese people drink the most wine out of every other country in the world.

Nationals drink an average of 54 litres per year – topping France (51.8), Italy (41.5), Sweden (41), Switzerland (40.3), Belgium and Argentina (31.6), Germany (29.3) and Australia (27).

The UK comes 10th on the list with an average of 24 litres, behind Spain (25.4) and the Netherlands (24.5).

The numbers have been revealed by the International Wine Organisation in its annual report and cited by Lusa news agency.

Portugal is also the world’s ninth largest wine exporter, having sold 2.8 million hectolitres – worth €734 million – in 2016.

The report adds that wine consumption is “stable” on an international level, having dropped in “traditionally wine-drinking countries” but increased in “new markets”.

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