Portuguese are blog mad

PORTUGUESE HAVE wholeheartedly embraced the internet blog phenomena, which allows people to post their own thoughts and opinions on their own internet blog webpage.

According to a study carried out by Cetelem, blogmania has reached epic proportions in the country, with some 400 new blogs created every day.

The research, which involved 600 enquiries from the north to the south of the country, showed that, in the first few months that the technology became available, 37,000 blogs appeared nationally, representing 200,000 postings.

The survey also confirmed that the internet is “highly addictive”, with 71.1 per cent of those asked admitting they were online everyday, 18.6 per cent saying they went online at least once a week and 10 per cent saying they used the internet at least once a month.

Although the Portuguese surf the net frequently, they rarely buy things over the net, with only 12 per cent of those asked admitting to regularly making purchases online.

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