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Portuguese and French trade links thriving despite crisis

By CHRIS GRAEME [email protected]

Portuguese companies are succeeding in increasing their exports to France according to the president of the Portuguese-French Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

Addressing around 500 Portuguese business leaders at a gala dinner in Lisbon, Bernard Chantrelle said that exports with France from Portugal have “achieved a positive balance for the first time, reaching €24 million in 2010”.

Speaking at the annual Portuguese-French Trophies, which distinguish Portuguese companies doing well in France, Chantrelle called it a “historic situation” and that the level of commercial exchanges between the two countries had remained balanced in the first few months of the year”.

According to official statistics, Portugal’s balance of trade deficit with France in 2009 stood at €623 million and recovered “spectacularly” to €24 million profit in a situation that was “not exactly common,” given the current international situation.

As to French investment in Portugal, he insisted that French companies were liable to stay in the country but admitted there had been some “alarming reports” in the French media about the gravity of the crisis in Portugal which was “scaring” new French companies considering entering the Portuguese market.

“I don’t think that things are as bad as all that and don’t believe there are founded reasons for new investors to avoid investing in Portugal,” he said.

Today there are 400 branches of French companies operating in Portugal, sustaining 50,000 jobs. There are 40,000 Portuguese companies operating in France.

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