Portuguese Air Force intercepts Russian bomber planes over national air space

Reminiscent of the cat-and-mouse air games of 2014, Air Force F16s have once again had to head-off Russian Tupolev bombers which entered national air space in the early hours of last Thursday morning.

The fighter planes “did not pose any threat or show a hostile attitude”, say reports. The F16s simply escorted them for reasons of safety, as the Tuploev t1-95 Bewers are essentially “invisible”.

“They do not emit a signal, nor do they respond to radio contact”, Air Force colonel Rui Roque told Público.

How they were spotted is something Roque was keeping to himself.

Público added that these kind of interceptions were commonplace in November two years ago, when Russian manoeuvres were registered throughout the Atlantic, Baltic, Black and North seas.

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