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Photo: Bruno Filipe Pires/Open Media Group

Portugal’s young people leave parents’ home at 27.9 years: higher than EU average

Young people in Portugal leave their parents’ home at an average age of 27.9, above the European Union (EU) average of 26.4, according to figures released by Eurostat for 2022. The highest average ages for leaving the parental home, aged 30 or over, were recorded in Croatia (33.4), Slovakia (30.8), Greece (30.7), Bulgaria and Spain (both 30.3), Malta (30.1) and Italy (30.0). In contrast, according to the EU statistical office, the lowest average ages, all under 23, were recorded in Finland (21.3), Sweden (21.4), Denmark (21.7) and Estonia (22.7). Analysing by gender, men (EU 27.3) leave the parental home later than women (EU 25.4) – a difference followed by all 27 member states.