Portugal’s VW rep admits “problems” with emissions repairs

With any VW, Audi or Skoda cars that have not been suitably “repaired” of their emissions faults to be banned from Portugal’s roads by 2019, drivers who have affected the necessary changes are not in the least bit satisfied. According to consumer watchdog DECO, many claim their vehicles cost a lot more to run, have lost power and suffer problems not covered by VW’s guarantee to pick up the tab.

SIVA, the Portuguese agent for VW, Audi and Skoda has admitted that it has received complaints from car owners, but refutes DECO’s figures, saying the number of unhappy customers is far less (10% as opposed to DECO’s tally of 45%), an amount SIVA describes as “residual”.

TSF radio reiterates the advice given last week by the Institute of Mobility that cars affected by the emissions scandal must take their vehicles in for VW’s free repair ASAP. Any drivers not complying will find their cars failing MOT testing from May 2019.

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