Portugal’s virus ‘case load’ accelerates to ‘highest level in almost two months’

The number of new positive cases of SARS-CoV-2 detected in Portugal has increased to the highest level in almost two months.

Just as the government eases restrictions on the one hand (click here), and the UK pulls the rug on tourism on the other (click here), today’s Covid bulletin has shown that case numbers, particularly in Lisbon and the north are accelerating rapidly.

UK reports have described ‘68 cases’ in Portugal of a Nepal mutation of the Indian variant detected, which they are “not yet sure” will respond to vaccines.

With proportionately far less people in Portugal fully-vaccinated than in UK, for the time being  there is no sign that any variants in circulation are putting extra pressure on the Portuguese SNS health service.

(The UK however has seen its cases of the Indian variant more than double in the last week, from 5,472 cases to 13,760.)

There could be the argument that a reduction in holiday travel from the UK could save Portugal from a further rise in infections. 

For now, Lisbon is leading the field, with another 385 new cases detected since yesterday, plus two deaths.

The north recorded +240 new infections in the last 24-hours, no deaths; the centre +54 new infections, one death; Algarve +36 new infections, Azores +30, Madeira and the Alentejo, both on +12 new infections (none of these regions with any deaths).

Active cases have increase to 23,343. The number of ‘recoveries’ in the last 24-hours has been roughly have that of new cases (388).

Incidence is now pegged at 63.7 cases per 100,000 of population (66.4 if one takes Madeira and Azores into account), while the Rt stands at 1.08.

Today’s bulletin in full can be seen here.