Portugal’s terror threat level raised to “significant” over Easter

Portugal’s terrorism threat level has been increased to level 3 – standing for ‘significant’ – over Easter following the arrival of thousands of Israeli holidaymakers.

According to Correio da Manhã newspaper, national police are on special orders due to attacks which took place earlier this year in Paris and Copenhagen.

National security department SIS has sent a report to its director general Adélio Cruz, highlighting the need to protect the locations of Lisbon, Porto and the Algarve.

Police have thus reinforced their presence in “areas frequented by the Jewish community”, and have even brought in sniffer dogs trained to detect explosives.

The warning is also “valid for Lisbon airport”, writes CM, which is used by the airline company El-Al.

Easter is celebrated by the Jewish religion under the name Pessach.

As CM points out, thousands of Israelis have come to Portugal to celebrate Pessach, with communities here based principally in the capital and in Porto.

The level 3 threat level is likely to remain until Wednesday (April 8), adds CM.

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