Portugal’s Special One gets marching orders

He’s enjoyed life at the top of his profession, been paid millions but José Mourinho – arguably the world’s most famous Portuguese football coach – has now been dismissed with immediate effect from Manchester United after the worst start to a season in 28 years.

Say reports in the British press, MU “finally lost patience with a head coach who was not adhering to the club’s core attacking values”.

Writes the Guardian today: “In addition to the disquiet regarding the side’s stultifying style, there was further disappointment at Mourinho’s development and improvement of United’s younger players. The club also took into account the growing unhappiness from fans at the direction of the club under Mourinho”.

So what happens next?

Well, dismissal will probably come with a comfortable cushion “no more than £15 million”, says the paper while a caretaker trainer will be actively sought to take the club through to the end of the season.

As for the self-described “Special One”, he almost certainly saw this coming.

His own father was dismissed from his role as trainer at Rio Ave, on Christmas Day many years ago. Said Mourinho way back in 2004, his father was “sacked in the middle of our lunch. So I know all about the ups and downs of football. I know that one day I will be sacked”.

Here nationals will be wondering where to now. Mourinho has always maintained that he would like to coach the national team “one day”, but not yet. He told GQ in July this year that he wasn’t “tired enough” of the work in clubs which implies ‘games every week and training every day’.

Diário de Notícias is looking into all the reasons for Mourinho’s fall from grace, stressing they weren’t all to do with bad results. His ‘confrontational style’ – affecting all those around him – tipped the balance. He may even be ‘tired’ now: certainly former Liverpool manager Graeme Souness thinks so. “I was at Bournemouth two weeks ago” Souness told reporters. “I’m a season ticket holder there. My season ticket is 10 rows behind the dugout and I saw a man who didn’t want to be there.”