Portugal’s Rt remains ‘stable’ at 0.91 as active cases take new dive

Concerns over the ‘creeping upwards’ of Portugal’s Rt (transmission) rate have reduced slightly today as the tally ‘stays where it is’ at 0.91 within the latest ‘very positive’ bulletin issued by the DGS health authority.

The numbers of people in hospitals today have fallen to below 700.

There are 154 people still in ICUs, but this is well down on forecasts by experts for ‘the end of the month’ – and the looming 10-day borough lockdowns coming into place should help stem any potential for a further ‘leap’ in the number of new infections.

As it is, new cases  in the last 24-hours have been just 423 – the majority again in Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo (+182), followed by the north (+126) and then much lower numbers everywhere else: Algarve +22 new cases, Alentejo +17, Azores +9 and Madeira +8.

Nine people have died in the last 24-hours following a positive test for Covid-19.

The number of active cases is now down to 31,948 – the lowest number since October, and a drop of almost 200 people in the last 24-hours – while 610 people have been deemed ‘recovered’ after testing positive for the virus. 

The overall number of citizens who have tested positive for Covid-19 since the start of the pandemic is now 819,210. Of this total 16,814 have died, the vast majority of them (over 11,000) in their 80s, followed by 70-79 year-olds (roughly 3,500). The lethality percentage remains just over 2% (2.05% to be exact).

Portugal’s incidence rate (which experts have stressed ‘cannot go about 120 cases per 100,000) is at 77,6 cases (taking in the autonomous regions of Madeira and Azores) – or at 67,7 cases for the mainland on its own.

MPs in parliament are expected to approve yet another State of Emergency this afternoon, to kick in from April 1 to April 15 – this time with a limit written into it for the cost of ‘do-it-yourself’ tests for Covid-19. The objective, explains Lusa, is to combat “speculation and hoarding” (possibly this covers ‘panic buying’…)

Another change in the decree text has to do with the “treatment of personal data for the effects of booking a vaccination”. “There could be a place for the treatment of personal data to the extent strictly necessary for the establishment of contacts for vaccination between health services and municipal or parish services”, wrote President Marcelo.

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