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Portugal’s role during World War 2

Britain and Portugal boast the oldest alliance in the world after the two countries signed the Treaty of Windsor in 1386 which remains in force today.

During two lectures on May 3 by the Algarve Archaeological Association (AAA), the role of Portugal during the Second World War will be discussed by Michael Peace with him examining the alliance at that time and how it worked within the political landscape.

The first lecture will take place at the Museum in São Brás from 2.30pm with a lunch available after, while it will then be repeated in Lagoa at the Music Conservatório from 6.30pm with dinner available after the talk.

The lectures are free to attend for members, with guests asked to pay a fee of €5.

Money collected at the talks is used to help fund grants to allow archaeological works to take place throughout Portugal but with a specific focus on the Algarve region.

For further information about the AAA or the lectures, please call 917 267 948.