Portugal’s president (almost) in prophylactic isolation – pre-election debates go on

Portugal’s head of state Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa was reported this afternoon to be once again in prophylactic isolation – this time slap in the middle of the ‘presidential race’ with televised live debates scheduled for the rest of the week.

Breaking news as we write however is that health authorities have decided his “very short” contact with an infected aide leaves him with a “low risk” of developing Covid-19 infection, and thus the debates go on…

We’re being told the 72-year-old president has twice tested negative for the virus – once via an antigen test, the other a PCR.

According to Expresso, Marcelo was wearing a mask during his fleeting contact with the aide.

Tonight’s debate promises to be one of the most ‘watchable’ in the series as Marcelo will be facing rabble-rousing right-wing contender André Ventura.

The debates scheduled every day until Saturday (when President Marcelo is due to face Socialist Ana Gomes) start at 9pm on various channels. Tonight’s will be on SIC.

Little has been reported of the country’s ongoing vaccination programme today, but one important development has been Europe’s approval for the use of the Moderna vaccine.

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