Portugal’s political crisis: business leaders meet with President; seek urgent meeting with PM

Today was the day business leaders met with President Marcelo, as a consequence of their ‘war’ declared last week with the government (click here).

The meeting was planned days before the country was plunged into political crisis due to the budget ‘falling’ in parliament (click here).

Giving press interviews afterwards, president of the confederation of tourism Francisco Calheiros said the group’s sole focus is on seeing the country being able to move forwards.

“We did not want a political crisis to add to all the other crises that we have had”, he said. The date of the elections “does not depend on us. It is a question for the political parties. We simply hope vividly that a plan emerges whicy allows for the structural reforms the country so sorely needs in order for us to return to economic growth”.

The next ‘step’ will be a meeting with PM Costa, who has already apologised for the ‘lapse’ that so irritated the confederations last week.

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