Portugal’s most expensive Christmas hamper - a cool million euros!

Portugal’s most expensive Christmas hamper – a cool million euros!

As hundreds of thousands of Portuguese face another lean Christmas on welfare handouts, there is one Portuguese company doing a lucrative trade in millionaire festive hampers.
Torres Joalheiros (jewellers) and Ideal Drinks Gourmet have combined forces this year to create what they call “exclusive hampers” for the most discerning.
One of them “is composed of four watches, whose value comes to around €800,000, some Chopard earrings valued at €150,000 and a Mont Blanc pen of €8,000”, Torres Joalheiros’ director Alexandre Ribeiro has revealed.
This particularly hamper is the country’s most expensive and has reportedly been snapped up by an Oriental collector in possession of “many nationalities”.
Clients who commission these extraordinary hampers “want to send a message about Portugal”, said Ribeiro.
It is a message that evokes Portugal’s conquests and history, he explained, adding that the very construction of the hampers “recall the discoveries”.
All the jewellery business’ hampers can be “personalised”, according to the pieces chosen by the client. They come with some of the most excellent wines in the world, cheeses, smoked hams and “national bonbons” – “all designed to promote the best of everything made in Portugal”.
Next year the Lisbon-based business that began in 1910 and now has five shops scattered throughout the capital hopes to go even further.
“We are going to be even more extraordinary”, promised Ribeiro. “We are open to further partnership deals, always with an idea: to work with what is Portuguese”.
While other businesses may have struggled to get through 2014, Ribeiro reports that it has been an “extraordinary year”, with sales this Christmas the icing on Torres’ gourmet cake.