Portugal’s latest numbers show ‘virus peak has passed’ – but notion of ‘deconfinement’ remains taboo

Portugal’s latest numbers – despite the predictable weekend lag that usually catches up by Wednesday – show the virus ‘peak’ has passed, writes Público today. 

But the ‘incidence values’ remain “brutally high”. “For this reason, specialists heard by Público stress it is more important than ever to maintain restrictions and precautions. 

“The verb ‘to deconfine’ is still prohibited”.

The positive signs today are a new fall in the number of people in hospital, another 11,218 people deemed ‘recovered’ – and the lowest number of deaths in a 24-period since January 22.

The ‘negative’ can be interpreted as 240 ‘more people’ having died with Covid-19, another 9,083 new infections and a rise of 25 more patients in ICUs now catering for 877 critically ill people.

The worst of today’s bulletin seems to be the fact that new infections in the Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo area are still much too high (+4,544) considering confinement of one form or other has been in place for weeks.

Deaths in Lisbon (+130) are also more than all the other deaths in other parts of the country put together – and this clearly is behind experts’ absolute conviction that all measures in force to try and stamp out the spread of SARS-CoV-2 must stay in place.

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