Portugal’s “incredible journey” keeps thousands on tenterhooks

A modern day Incredible Journey involving a Golden Retriever named Gui has clocked up another 800km due to a ‘false lead’.

But while Gui is still missing, Lucky Boy now has a family who loves him.

This extraordinary story of unconditional love began almost 18 months ago in Grândola when six-year-old Gui succumbed to his “greatest defect”.

He delightedly jumped into the back seat of a car and was driven away before his owners could do anything about it.

Since then, they have been looking for him everywhere, with 6,000 followers on the Ajudem a Encontrar o Gui’ Facebook page.

Last week came the message that a retriever answering to Gui’s description was in Paços de Ferreira, 400km from his former home.

Facebookers held their collective breaths as Gui’s owner’s niece leapt into her car and drove all the way to find him.

But it wasn’t Gui. Lucky Boy nevertheless has been absorbed into the family which had already adopted another retriever during their long, often heartbreaking search.

Meantime, messages keep flooding into the page, describing sightings all over the country.

As the Facebook page explains, the family is aware that whoever has Gui knows of their despair. They just hope one day this shaggy dog story will reach a happy ending.