Portugal’s hotel sector registers all-round growth

INE || 2014 was another “record-breaking year” for the Portuguese tourism sector, registering more guests (+12%), overnight stays (+11%) and revenue (+12.8%) than the year before.

According to recent data from the National Statistics Institute (INE), the total number of overnight stays in 2014 reached 46 million – with Portugal welcoming a total of 16.1 million guests. In terms of revenue, this generated €2.2 billion for the hotel sector alone.

The Algarve, which had already registered a bumper year in 2013, saw tourism growth leap another 11.2%. The Alentejo (+17.2%) and Lisbon (+15%) also registered more overnight stays than in 2013.

Everything considered, INE highlights the Belgian market being responsible for the largest increase in accommodation bookings (+19.6%), followed by the French (+16.8%) and Spanish (+14.6%).