Portugal’s heatdome to give way to rain, everywhere “but maybe not Algarve/ Alentejo”

Cooler temperatures from Friday, predict meteorologists

Temperatures will drop from Friday to Sunday by around 10 to 12ºC in some parts of mainland Portugal, and rain is also expected, IPMA (Portuguese Institute for the Sea and Atmosphere) meteorologist Ângela Lourenço tells Lusa today.

“There will be a gradual change in the meteorological situation from Friday onwards. Until then – so today and tomorrow [Thursday] – we will continue with a situation identical to previous days, in other words, hot, dry weather, without precipitation and generally a weak wind,” she said.

But from Friday onwards, a cold front is expected, bringing a drop in temperatures and rain.

“Precipitation will begin on Friday in Minho (northern Portugal) from the morning and will gradually spread to the rest of the territory, although it is unlikely in Baixo Alentejo and the Algarve” (areas that are crying out for rain). 

“Also on Friday (October 13), the maximum temperature is expected to drop, which will be more significant in the north and centre and in the Alto Alentejo”, Lourenço added.

The drop in the maximum temperature on Friday will vary between 2º and 5ºC in the south and in the more inland areas of the North and Centre it could be as much as 7º or 8ºC.

“We’re moving towards more typical autumn temperatures, but temperatures of 28º or 29ºC are still expected in many places in the central region. 

“Temperatures will continue to drop on Saturday and Sunday. The total for the three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday) should be a drop of up to 10º to 12ºC in some places,” said the meteorologigst, adding that rain will start on Friday and continue, with greater or lesser intensity, until at least Tuesday.

“On Saturday and Sunday, precipitation will affect the entire territory and may be more significant in northern and central regions,” she added.

Source material: LUSA