Portugal’s healthcare chiefs in Covid isolation after DGS director-general tests positive

Portugal’s healthcare chiefs are in Covid isolation today after Graça Freitas – the country’s director-general of health – tested positive for the virus last night.

The 63-year-old who has been the ‘face’ of authorities’ response to Covid-19 since March started to feel unwell yesterday.

She is now in isolation and apparently showing ‘mild signs of the disease’.

But the consequences have been ‘enormous’: Ms Freitas ‘circle of contacts’ includes key figures whose presence now ‘in the fight’ will have to be limited as they too go into prophylactic isolation.

Say reports, players taken out of public life for the next 10-14 days include health minister Marta Temido, and under secretary of state António Lacerda Sales.

There will be others of course – including drivers, their families, and all their contacts.

Everyone ‘traced’ will have to be tested and await results in isolation.

In the meantime, today’s habitual press conference to give updates on numbers nationally has been cancelled.