Portugal’s health centres “don’t know how people without a family doctor will get vaccinated”

With the vaccination roll-out in Portugal moving into the phase where the over-50s with specified diseases are about to be called in for their shots, “there are still doubts about the process”, explain reports. 

Health centres don’t know how they will reach people without a family doctor assigned to them, or those being cared for in the private sector. 

For now, the roll-out will focus on patients with family doctors. But the phase remains open to all over-50s with heart disease, cardiac or renal insufficiency, and those with COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease). Thus advice to anyone reading this who may find themselves in this bracket, and is over the age of 50 suffering any of the above pathologies, is try registering at your local health centre as soon as possible.

Meantime, next week will also see the vaccine start being administered to Portuguese firefighters, politicians, and security forces.

Delivery of a new batch of the Pfizer vaccine has ensured another 99,450 doses for the country, while as of Monday 411,600 doses of the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines had already been distributed, with over 30,000 of the country’s most vulnerable having received their full complement of shots, and another 200,000-plus having had their first innoculations.

Said health minister Marta Temido in a press conference yesterday “We estimate that by the end of the month around 100,000 health professionals will have been fully vaccinated”.

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