Portugal’s frontiers with Spain remain limited until March 16 with two ‘additions’

In line with the renewal of Portugal’s State of Emergency, frontiers with Spain will remain limited to essential traffic/ residents with valid reasons, with the addition of two new ‘points of passage’: Ponta da Barca and Vinhais, which will be open between 6am – 9am and 5pm to 8pm on weekdays. The full list of ‘operating land borders’ now is: 


In operation 24/7:


– Valença

– Vila Verde da Raia

– Quintanilha

– Vilar Formoso

– Caia

– Vila Verde de Ficalho

– Castro Marim

In operation weekdays from 6am to 8pm

– Marvão 

In operation weekdays from 6am – 9am and das 5pm to 8pm

– Monção

– Melgaço

– Montalegre

– Vinhais