Portugal’s frontier crossings reduced to ‘authorised points of passage’

New restrictions on mobility came into place at 00.00 hours today under the terms of Portugal’s renewed State of Emergency. 

These include ‘many restrictions’ on journeys out of the country until at least February 14. 

Some frontiers are closed, others ‘controlled’ – the bottom line predictably being ‘stay at home’.

The government’s decree actually states that “trips out of continental territory by Portuguese citizens effected by any form, namely road, rail, air, river or maritime, are prohibited”.

There are ‘exceptions’ however, as there are for people entering national territory. These cover citizens who live abroad (and want to get home), those transporting mail or merchandise, humanitarian journeys, emergencies, work commitments and family reunions with a close family member (all of which have to be proved). 

Foreign citizens with Portuguese residencies will also be allowed into the country if driving here.

Eight ‘frontier points’ permanently open are at Valença, Vila Verde da Raia, Quintanilha, Vilar Formoso, Marvão, Caia, Vila Verde de Ficalho and Castro Marim.

There are another five (Monção, Miranda do Douto, Termas de Monfortinho, Mourão e Barrancos) allowing people through between 7am to 9am, and 6pm to 8pm on weekdays, while the country road of Rio de Onor in the north is also open – but only on Wednesdays and Saturdays between 10am and midday.

Otherwise, plane journeys are all dependent on negative Covid tests and quarantines, while connections with Brazil and the United Kingdom have been suspended.

There are a number of Portuguese ‘stuck’ in the United Kingdom currently, desperate to reach ‘home’ and without any practical help from the Portuguese Consulate. It may become clearer next week as to whether Portugal organises a humanitarian flight.

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