Portugal’s “flawed democracy” behind Uruguay and at same level as Chile and Botswana

Portugal has a “flawed democracy” that is still miles behind countries like Norway, Iceland, Sweden or even Uruguay and is at the same level as others like Chile and Botswana. The assessment was made by British newspaper The Economist in its annual ‘Democracy Index’.

The ranking places Portugal at the 26th spot in the category of “flawed democracies”.

While Portugal performs well in terms of its electoral process and respect for civil rights, it leaves much to be desired when it comes to the functioning of the government and parliament, and the reduced role of citizens in the democratic process.

The last time that Portugal was considered a “full democracy” by The Economist was in 2010.

A “flawed democracy” is described by the newspaper as a country where there are free and fair elections but where there are factors that affect the democratic regime.

Norway remains the most democratic country in the ranking, a position it has held since 2010, and Western Europe accounts for 14 of the 19 “full democracies” that make up the ranking’s top tier.

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