Portugal’s first Future Hoteliers Summit “a success”

Around 200 people took part in Portugal’s first Future Hoteliers Summit, held on November 28-29 at the Monte Quinta Resort in Quinta do Lago and hailed a “success”.

Joint organiser Tomris Oezkul said that “the number of people who took part” and the “enthusiasm created by the Hospitality Challenge” has inspired Terra International to start planning the second summit in 2016.

Oezkul attributed the event’s success to the “originality of its format, the modern themes, the quality of the speakers, an unmatched combination of social and work activities, and a relaxed and welcoming environment”.

The Future Hoteliers Summit brought professionals and students together to “exchange ideas”, allowing aspiring hoteliers to “take part in discussions with industry leaders, widen their horizons and gain insightful knowledge about the industry”.

Key speakers included Loulé mayor Vítor Aleixo, resident manager of Altis Belém Hotel & Spa Pedro Pinto, marketing director of Tivoli Hotels & Resorts Rita Machado and administrator of Vila Galé Hotéis Gonçalo Rebelo de Almeida.

The event also featured the Hospitality Challenge, a competition won by a group of students from the Instituto Politécnico do Cávado e do Ave who will now take part in the Young Hoteliers Summit, to be held in the prestigious École Hôteliére de Lausanne school in Switzerland in March 2016.