Portugal’s extreme weather “a growing phenomenon”

Last Monday night’s dramatic storms – in which Olhão and the Alentejo were visited by mini-tornados – were simply an indication of extreme weather phenomena to come.

Climate specialist Luís Filipe Duarte Santos has been talking to RTP and explaining that it is all to do with a warmer atmosphere, “accelerated water cycle” and the appearance of atmospherical vortexes.

Humanity, he added, simply has to come to terms with extreme weather phenomena, as they are going to become more and more prevalent.

In Portugal, this means tornados, dramatic downpours and flooding in towns and cities, he said.

Last Monday, for example, the southern part of the country registered no less than four tornados in five hours, while numerous towns reported flooding misery.

But this time, despite incidents of fallen trees and flying roof tiles, no serious injuries appear to have been reported.

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PHOTO: doing the rounds on social media and taken over Meia Praia, in Lagos, by photographer David Pickering