Portugal’s exports to Morocco “could reach €1 billion”

As Angola announces that China is on track to “dethrone” Portugal’s pole position as the country’s leading supplier, Prime Minister Pedro Passos Coelho has been busy forging new business opportunities elsewhere.

In the 12th Portuguese-Moroccan summit held in Lisbon on Monday, he announced the creation of an investment observatory between the two countries aimed at deepening commercial and economic relations.

During a press conference, Passos Coelho even suggested that Portugal’s exports to Morocco could rise to “around one billion euros” in the next few years.

Meantime, Moroccan PM Abdelilah Benikrane said it would be a good plan for Portuguese people to learn Arabic and Moroccans Portuguese to “make up for lost time” and see the two countries forge closer relationships.

The summit ended with the signing of eight cooperation agreements, the full details of which were not revealed, writes Spain’s Efe news agency.

The agreements covered issues including internal security, maritime routes, transport, energy and diplomatic training.