Portugal’s elections

Portugal’s elections: televised debates begin today

Head-to-heads between PS/ IL and CHEGA/ PAN

With no concise online information on the electoral programmes of political parties fighting Portugal’s legislative elections (in less than five weeks time), televised debates, starting today, are the opportunities people will have to understand the ‘differences’ are between the various ideologies.

Today’s head-to-heads will begin at 9pm on SIC with Socialist leader Pedro Nuno Santos facing the leader of Iniciativa Liberal Rui Rocha.

Then at 10pm on RT3, CHEGA’s André Ventura will be up against PAN’s Inês de Sousa Real.

A total of 30 TV debates will be broadcast between today and February 23: 28 face-to-face debates between party leaders, a debate between all the parties with parliamentary seats (on February 23) and another with parties that are not represented in the Assembly of the Republic (on February) 20.

The face-to-face debates will all last between 25 and 30 minutes, as was the case in the 2022 legislative elections – with the exception of the debate between the leaders of the two largest parties, Pedro Nuno Santos (PS) and Luís Montenegro (PSD), which is scheduled to last 75 minutes and will be broadcast on February 19 on the three main television channels (RTP, SIC and TVI).

Of all the debates, 15 will be broadcast on the main channels and another 15 via cable news channels. all the debates in which the secretary-general of the PS or the president of the PSD take part will be broadcast on free-to-air channels.

Source: LUSA