Portugal’s Covid numbers show dismal new maximums

Portugal’s latest figures for its Covid-19 epidemic show the highest death count yet (221 people in 24 hours), the highest numbers ever in ICUs (702), the highest numbers in hospitals (5,630) and the highest active case count (151,226).

Thursday January 21 has been another cheerless day in the Herculean struggle against this virus.

Of today’s fatalities, reports confirm more than half the victims were over the age of 80.

New cases today dipped below yesterday’s total of over 14,000 – but only marginally (13,544).

Says Rádio Renascença, Portugal has between 1100 – 1200 intensive care beds to respond to both Covid and non-Covid patients.

Said João Gouveia, president of the Portuguese society of intensive care, last week: “Every day we try to maximise or even super-maximise the capacity in our various hospitals. We have 672 beds for Covid, and this number of 700 (or today’s 702) means that part of the non-Covid response has to be sacrificed and there has to be an even greater expansion of intensive care”.

As in previous days, it’s the areas around the capital (Lisbon/ Vale do Tejo) registering the highest new case count (+5,401) with the north and centre following with +4,510 and +2,539 cases respectively. 

The Algarve and Alentejo register markedly less new cases of infection, but still triple figures (+355 and +638 respectively).

Madeira and Azores remain the two areas where propagation of the virus is lowest.

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