Portugal’s Conservatórias move from ‘by appointment only’ to ‘temporarily closed’

Portugal’s Conservatórias e Registos (the government departments dealing with myriad bureaucratic details) are to move from ‘by appointment only’ to ‘temporarily closed’ as a result of the ‘current situation of the pandemic’.

The announcement was made by the syndicate of workers of Conservatórias e Registos on Monday and came into immediate effect.

Only ‘essential’ services are to be offered until further notice, to be outlined in a ministerial dispatch.

These are believed to include the registration of certificates of birth, death, and marriage, the drawing up of Wills where risk of death is imminent, requests for citizens cards for newborns and renewals of such for minors under the age of 25 where these are urgent or extremely urgent.

Says SIC today, the Conservatórias will also continue to emit and deliver provisionary citizens cards, permanent citizens cards and urgent or extremely urgent passports for health professionals.

Otherwise, all appointments are cancelled.

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