D. José Ornelas says he is not concerned by scandal (referring to the child abuse scandal that has rocked the Portuguese Catholic Church), he is concerned that these things happened. "The worse would be for me to make a mistake and continue to defend myself, and cover it up, or try to ignore it", he said.

Portugal’s Catholic Church “opens up to homosexuals”

In a joint interview with Lusa news agency and Ecclesia (the religious news agency) president of Portugal’s Episcopal Conference Bishop José Ornelas has shown that the Portuguese Catholic Church is moving into the 21st century: “Jesus never refused anyone”, thus homosexual unions, second marriages – are issues that “cannot be ignored” any longer, he said. “The Church is not only a Church of perfect people (…) new solutions have to be found “and for those new solutions, you have to destructure some things. This is very clear to me.” Tabloid Correio da Manhã has illustrated the interview with a large image of single sex couples kissing each other.