Portugal’s bullfighting bulls in increasingly hot demand

In a week in which movie theatres revealed business in Portugal is almost at rock bottom, Portugal’s bullfighting federation has come out crowing that its bloodthirsty sport has never had it so good.

Prótoiro announced yesterday (Thursday) that not only are more and more spectators buying tickets for bullfights, exports of Portugal’s specially-bred bullfighting bulls are suddenly up almost 50%.

The animals are in hot demand in countries like France and Spain, explain Prótoiro, which was at pains to delight in the fact that “compared to other cultural activities” in Portugal, bullfights left the cinema and theatre “a great distance” behind.

In a statement sent out to Lusa, the federation set out the figures. Last year it exported 207 bulls to be used in “various bullrings” in Spain and France (the year before, it had only sold 139), while it imported 33 – 20 less than the year before.

As to spectators, these leapt from 2,145 per show in 2013 to a record 2,240 last year.

Conversely and as we published earlier this week (see: https://www.portugalresident.com/movie-theatres-continue-to-lose-viewers), audiences in the country’s movie theatres slumped to an average of just 22 people per screening in 2014.

As to the reasons behind this growing demand for a sport that has a significant anti-lobby, Prótoiro was unforthcoming.

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