CM's bird's eye view of the couple's ramage across Iberian Peninsula

Portugal’s ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ duo ditch vehicle after accident, trying to get to France

Spanish police on their tail using helicopters and drones

Portugal’s Bonnie and Clyde duo responsible for a string of fuel station raids and robberies are still ‘on the run’, pursued now by the quite considerable might of Spain’s Guardia Civil police.

The force has employed drones and helicopters as it ‘tracks’ the couple through the country.

Sidney Martins, 42, and Nélida Guerreiro, 40, are believed to be ‘heading for the French border’.

As all police alerts have insisted “they are armed and dangerous”. They are also potentially linked with the death of a family in Donai, Bragança in July, shortly before they began their manic scramble through fuel stations of the Algarve and then into Spain.

Initially, police believed the family’s death, which started with the killing of the mother, was the work of the son, Carlos, a drug addict.

Carlos and his father José were found dead in the family house 10 days later. Again, investigators suspected it could have been a case of murder/ suicide, precipitated by the killing of the mother, presumably by Carlos.

But now there are doubts (particularly as the theory had almost nothing in the way of evidence, or even motive): Sidney and Nélida knew Carlos, “in the context of drug-trafficking/ drug use”. Could they have been involved? Is the theory that Carlos killed his mother, and was himself killed by his father, who committed suicide, wrong? Were Sidney and Nélida involved? This is the ‘big question’ as, at time of writing, the two suspects were still ‘on the run’.

Their blue Citroen Xsara was dumped a few kilometres from Madrid recently, following an accident. 

The pair left the scene on foot, but later stole another car, and are understood to be in that vehicle as they make for the border to France.

Donai deaths “enveloped in mysteries”

Diario de Trás-os-Montes online has explained today how the Donai deaths were “enveloped in mysteries so far unexplained”… for example, at the time of the first death – blamed on the son, Carlos – Nélida Guerreiro was known to have been in Porto WITH Carlos, while Sidney is understood to have been in Bragança.

The subsequent deaths of Carlos and his father José were also very ‘puzzling’, in as much as they were only discovered by firefighters responding to the fact that the house was on fire.

Both showed signs of extreme violence with a ‘perforated object’. In other words, the theory that the elder man killed his son, and then killed himself with this object, somehow managing at the same time to set fire to the house, is perhaps far-fetched… particularly as it has only now transpired that José’s stab-type wound was to his back.

All in all, the investigation into the Donai deaths seems to have been ‘full of holes’ – while a triple murder might well have been the reason for Sidney and Nélida setting off on what has become an increasingly bizarre helter-skelter of armed robberies across the Iberian Peninsula.