Portugal’s birthrate data starts to show “positive signs”, pointing to “slow recovery”

It may not be a boom on the cosmic scale, but Portugal’s dwindling birthrate is at last showing signs of recovery. Since the beginning of the year to August 3, the country registered 47,771 births which is 1,364 more babies than the 46,407 registered for the same period in 2015. The boroughs of Lisbon and Porto continue to lead the way, says data from the Justice Ministry.

Maria Filomena Mendes, president of the Portuguese association of demographics, welcomes the news, saying it is a “positive sign that we are slowly recovering birthrates” that have been starkly declining since the 60s.

The only moment where the decline stopped for a decade was between the 1990s and 2000, but then it began again to the point that these days we are well over 120,000 births down on annual figures 55 years ago.

Despite the sudden lift this year, Mendes stressed Portugal is still a nation of only children. Women have been having an average of less than two children since the 80s.