Portugal’s anti-corruption ‘bulldog’ MEP defiant over legal bid to lift immunity

Ana Gomes, the Portuguese MEP who has become synonymous with the fight against corruption, is defiant this week in the face of a legal bid to see her parliamentary immunity lifted so that she can be investigated for calumny (lies).

She has tweeted that the bid powered by cruiseship company Douro Azul has just made her all the more determined to “step-up (her) efforts in the fight against corruption”.

This story centres on the controversial sale to a private company affiliated to Douro Azul of a cruiseship that cost the Portuguese taxpayer almost €70 million.

In a murky nutshell, Douro Azul picked up the deal for just €8.7 million, and then sold the boat eight months later for at least double that amount.

An account of the level of intrigue involved can be read here: (click here).

At the time, Gomes told journalists that Douro Azul had “a lot to tell the authorities”.

Douro Azul’s boss Mário Ferreira took personal exception to Gomes’ statements, explains Jornal de Negocios, saying they tarnished the image of his companies.

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