Portugal unfairly penalised

Dear Editor,
We watch your paper closely and, like you, are very disappointed regarding the airbridge regulations with you and the UK.

My husband was born in Lisbon (living in the UK), has family in Portugal and is very angry by this decision.

Visitors to Spain are now having to quarantine back in UK as 900 new cases were registered there (Spain). You acted fast and controlled the virus as a country better than others.

Mr Boris Johnson prefers to concentrate on the economy and not people’s lives.

So, maybe it’s time to expose the UK for acting irresponsibly by opening an airbridge to Spain, a country that was hit so hard by this virus! It should never have contemplated Spain. Instead, it penalised our wonderful Portugal that was not entitled to an airbridge and we personally could not understand (this decision) as you did everything in your power to protect your people.

The method here now is if an area has a high infection rate, it’s down to the local council as to how they go about lockdown; and the way they are doing it is you cannot visit your family and friends, but you can go to work and be around everyone! So really, again, it’s economy not lives!

A lot of people have no confidence in our prime minister, including us. It’s more about dictating to the people now than anything else and he is using CV19 to his own means.

We are concerned for Portugal as the hospitality sector must be suffering so much as well as many livelihoods.
We will be coming back to Portugal. I truly think Portugal has been unfairly penalised and, in the light of Spain’s latest news, I think you have a very good chance to expose this for what it is.

Stay safe. Love to all your people.

Shani Reid and Joe Barum