Portugal tops USA and France for a ranking as “world’s most reputable nation”

Portugal has been named the 18th most reputable nation in the world, ahead of countries including America and France in an online list published by Forbes magazine.

Put together by the Reputation Institute (RI) it is designed to rank 55 countries with the highest GDPs.

This year Portugal climbed up one spot from last, while Canada was named the world’s Nº 1 “most reputable nation” for the fourth time in six years.

Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and Australia complete the top-five, while the USA and France were surprise disappointments, placed 22nd and 19th respectively.

Perhaps an indication of how relevant the listing is in the wider scheme of things came from the fact that Greece has been placed at slot number 28.

Germany fell from 10th to 15th place this year, while Brazil, mired in the greatest institutional corruption scandal of all time (https://www.portugalresident.com/operation-%E2%80%9Clava-jato%E2%80%9D-threatens-fallout-in-portugal), is placed 26th.

Released for the sixth time, this so-called ‘Country RepTrak’ is presented as a tool that the RI uses to “help advise countries on how to boost their reputations around the globe”.

It also counsels companies that “want to know how their country of origin influences their reputation overseas”, as well as companies interested in “doing business abroad”.

To compile its data, RI ran online surveys of 48,000 consumers in G8 countries from February to April of 2015. It also interviewed 30,000 people in the 12 non-G8 countries with the biggest economies, including China, India and Brazil.

For the full list (http://www.forbes.com/sites/susanadams/2015/07/15/the-worlds-most-reputable-countries-2015/)