Portugal takes ‘Best European Country’ award

Securing a “lion’s share of votes”, Portugal has been considered the “Best European Country” by readers of top travel website USA Today.
The country gained an early lead in the voting and left all 19 other European contenders with slim chances of reaching the no.1 spot of the Top 10.
Italy and Austria came in second and third, followed by Germany and the UK.
Iceland was deemed as the surprise of the list, “trumping Greece, Norway, and several other exotic countries” to land a spot in the top 10.
After announcing the results, USA Today Travel said: “Portugal is less iconic than other well-known countries, but it offers a wealth of opportunities to travellers: charming villages, great food, fascinating regional music, cultural opportunities, a beautiful coastline and even world-class surfing.”
During the voting, the country was presented as an “underestimated” country with “all the attractions of a beautiful European country”.
The site also extolled on the turquoise-blue coastal waters, Port wine and the “melancholic lament” of Fado in Lisbon’s winding streets.
The results were finally announced on May 14, as the Resident was going to press. All the nominees were chosen by experts in the travel industry. Other nominees were Belgium, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Turkey.
The Top 10 in Europe are:
5-United Kingdom
Photo: A picture of Ponta da Piedade in Lagos was chosen to illustrate Portugal during the voting