Portugal takes 10 migrants from ‘Alan Kurdi’ humanitarian ship

Portugal is one of four European countries that have stepped in to break the deadlock over what to do with 64 migrants ‘stuck in the Mediterranean Sea’ on humanitarian ship Alan Kurdi.

Say reports, it is a situation which is becoming the norm: “A rescue in the Mediterranean, followed by a period of waiting whilst Italy and Malta refuse to open their ports and then a solution, of sorts”.

The 10 migrants should arrive in Portugal within two weeks to a month, said minister of interior administration Eduardo Cabrita, stressing that “Portugal’s position has been to participate in all these exceptional situations” though it is not the way to resolve the overriding problem, which requires a “permanent solution on a European scale”.

Cabrita’s warning preceded the message given to Sky News on Monday from the UN-backed prime minister of Libya warning that another 800,000 migrants could flood into Europe if the instability in his country gets any worse.

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